Since 2007, Neo Pure Water Technologies is a name well-known in the manufacturing of water purification and filtration equipment industry. With over 10 Years of experience in understanding real time consumer need.

We have our own manufacturing unit in Madurai with modern Assembly Line, Printing, Packaging Facility and Test Lab. “We have set up a research lab to discover something new every year. We have a team of Engineers from Water Treatment industry who are dedicated to provide above the international range of products and services.

We have introduced a unique water purifier with the name of “SHRIYA Gold”, the necessity of which has been felt for a long time. “Our range addresses to the needs and requirements of pure water which is free from all type of contamination’s at your residence as well as work place.

Ground water contains Maximum Chemicals and Heavy Metals, this can be purified by RO & UV technology.

NEO PURE introduces advanced water purifiers

At Neo Pure Water Technologies, we work with our strong network of partners to deliver the highest level of water treatment solutions and services to our customers”.

Water has vital role in providing better health, but it depends on the Quality and Amount of water we in-take.

Comparatively Mineral water is far better than normal water as normal water contains various organic and chemical substances like microorganisms, bacteria etc. According to several reports, mineral water has a positive impact on the body.

In early stage we manufactured mineral RO’s in with ultimate aim to provide Quality water. With new advancements in technologies, the demand for a more advanced purifier began to pour in.

UV tube became mandatory in due course for bacteria deactivation and similar other refinements.

All these gave light to several innovative ideas to the R & D team. After lots of tests and trials, we have come up with the new Purifier.

All NEO PURE products are based on the mineral water technology.

The Company’s Aim is to provide quality water to each and every customer.