Point of Entry (POE) Pre-Sediment Filtration

DIRT and SEDIMENT in water can be a BIG Problem when it builds up and clogs plumbing and working parts of water-using appliances, PLUS it makes the water look off-colored, dirty and “Cloudy” which is NOT very appetizing!

Water that is unclear or “Cloudy” looking is said to have high”Turbidity”.

“TURBIDITY” in water is caused by suspended matter, such as clay, silt, fine particles of organic and inorganic matter, &microscopic organisms.

Because matter that makes water cloudy & turbid is so fine,the particles don’t separate from the water but instead they stay suspended in it.

Our Big Blue Commercial Quality Whole House 5 Micron Long Life/ High Flow sediment filter cartridges trap these problem particles, keep them out of your Entire Home & all appliances, and keep the water looking clean and clear!